Kayleigh McWhyte (nazrynn) wrote in usdan,
Kayleigh McWhyte

Brief Introduction

Wow. I just happened to stumble across this community tonight in a bit of nostalgia, remembering back when I was hanging out with all my cool friends from other schools on Long Island... I had a great time all those years ago, and am one of those "old school" folks from the 5 summers of 1984 through 1989.

My name is Beth, and I'm a former Band major (I, II, and III), as well as Video (the year the studios opened), and Orchestra (IV). I played piccolo and flute, and minored in Painting (2x), Chorus, and Creative Writing (2x). I used to hang out with some pretty cool people from Ward Melville High School (would have been the class of 1990 through 1992 or so), as well as friends I made from that summer in the Video class.

It's been some years, and USDAN brings back some great memories. I'm glad to see that the place is still going strong, and would be interested in hearing about how the place has changed (aside from the new assembly over by the bus depot... Wow.... big change from the assembly area where you couldn't hear a *thing* when it rained....).

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone.
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